Loans up to 500 000 kr from 6,99%!

We convey your loan application to several banks, completely free of charge. Choose the loan offer that suits you best!

Monthly amount 2 330 NOK/monthly

Example of interest rate: 7,90% (150 000 NOK, eff. rate 9,99%, 5 years, est. fee 650, total 197 250 NOK). The interest rate is always individual. Effective interest rate from 7,6% to 24,4%. By clicking < Apply now > you accept CompareKing's terms and conditions


Loans without collateral for whatever-you-want!

Do you need money for new projects, or do you wish to refinance expensive small loans or credit card debt? A loan without collateral can be used for anything you want, but many choose to use consumer loans to invest in property or take care of several small loans. You can pay off your loan whenever you want.

Our partners

CompareKing works with several lenders and banks.

Below is a selection of some of our partners::

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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By using our services, you agree to the terms and conditions that are presented below. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or other related questions please feel free to contact us on telephone 800 16 689 or by e-mail

How do we gather information?

1) When you register with us or fill in an application form via the Internet, telephone or other means, you will provide some data that is stored in our database. This information is stored so that we can manage, review and pass on your loan application or improve our services. In addition, we save information when you contact us so that we can answer your questions. If our partners cannot offer you a loan our financial partner on personal loans will contact you directly. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about this specifically.

Before sending your application to our partner banks CompareKing carry out a credit check limited to collecting information about possible payment remarks. This is to ensure that you are eligible to apply for personal loans with the banks we work with. The credit check is carried out by the credit reporting agency Bisnode. In addition to the limited credit check CompareKing uses, the banks that receive your loan application also undertake their own comprehensive credit check. You'll receive a confirmation letter via SMS or mail. In the case of a loan offer, and our partners can send promissory notes electronically via email and SMS.

We will review your personal information regularly to ensure that we don't keep it longer than is permitted by law.

2) As most other sites we use information capsule (cookie). Cookies are small data files that are left on your computer so that our service is fully effective for you as a user. The information stored can be information about how our users have viewed and used our website, what browser they used, what ads they have seen and how they have viewed the different sites that has a partnership with. This does not cause you any risk, but you can set your browser so that it does not accept the use of cookies. You can also delete all cookies stored through your browser.

None of this information is used to identify individuals. We use this information to generate an overall statistic which shows which pages are most popular and what information users seek. The statistics are a tool to improve our services to you as an end user.

3) Before applying, it is important that you review your personal finances thoroughly so you see what you can afford.

Why do we gather information?

At we are constantly working to improve the user experience on our website. For that reason, we collect different types of information from our users, so we can facilitate optimal functionality all the time. Examples of such information are pages visited, time of day the visit was made and which browser was used.